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Gleason 9 after Turp

Hi - looking for some positive stories here! My other half (54 years old) underwent TURP surgery last week. He was having trouble urinating, and it was suspected as benign prostate enlargement, since he had a low PSA of 1. They took a biopsy sample during surgery, just n case, and it came back with Gleason score 4+5 (9). This was a bit of a shock! Other than a weak urine stream he feels good overall - no other symptoms. Overall in fairly good health, although he does have managed diabetes with metformin. Next week he has bone scan and CT scan, and then meeting with doctor on November 4th to discuss results/treatment. Any advice or folks out there with similar stories?

  1. We appreciate you reaching out on behalf of a loved one. You and your partner are always welcome. Here is a good place to chime in with some conversation amongst the community: It's a good starting place, but there's lots of good information to peruse. Please keep us posted on that appointment and let us know if you have any questions. Wishing you both the best. -Samuel, Team Member

    1. Also a Gleason 9 here and was diagnosed in 2013. Given the high score and the fact the cancer was confined I was able to do surgery. While all indications and my pathology showed no spread my cancer did return in 2018 . Before reaching a post PSA test score of 0.2 I underwent 40 external beam radiation treatments combined with hormone therapy. So far all is well and my current PSA is 0.02 or undetectable. If you are interested I documented my journey with radiation and hormone therapy in a video journal which can be found at - Our hospital uses it here for men considering radiation

      I also had a low PSA score at the time of diagnosis ( 2.3 ) in December ... By April my PSA had risen to 2.7. A low PSA score and a high Gleason is not uncommon and I have know many men in a similar situation,.

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