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Has anyone had HDR treatment?

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with PC in June, 2018 at the age of 46. I terrified of ED and the toll it will take on my marriage. My doctors and I settled on a procedure called HDR, where radiation seeds are inserted, im given an high dosage of radiation and the seed removed and placed in a vault. Has anyone else had this procedure? What are the side effects? How long was you under anesthesia? Finally, how long before you were back to normal activities?

  1. I have completed 28 radiation treatments and my first HDR procedure. My 2nd HDR is scheduled for next week on Sept 5th. The only significant concern after my first HDR was not being able to control my urine discharge. After a week it has gotten better. Sexual activity at this time is non-existent. Time will tell as to it returning to normal. I am blessed to have an excellent (new) urologist and a dynamic team of radiologist and oncologist.

    1. Yes.....I had 2 sessions of HDR Brachytherapy combined with 5 week of ERT and hormone therapy. My first bit of advice is to be certain the Doctor has performed many of these therapy's and check his patients reviews, and that this is a highly rated cancer center hospital. HDR brachytherapy is a very effective procedure if applied correctly. I am now cancer free with a 0.02 PSA at last testing.

      I am not sure how long I was out while this procedure was preformed, would guess about 1 hour to install catheters into prostate and probably 20 minutes for removal. I was in the surgical unit for a total of about 6 hours. They discharged me as soon as I was able to pee after awake. I had some minor problems emptying my bladder for about 2 weeks and some burning when urinating. Was back to golfing and normal activities in about 3 weeks or so....I was extremely pleased with the procedure...It saved my life......Stay Strong & God bless you..

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