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Has anyone had HIFU treatment?

Share your experience with HIFU and any info on side effects/recovery.

  1. We look forward to hearing any more experience with HIFU! In the meantime, this story talks about one positive experience: . Every body reacts differently, so be sure to talk with your doc about the benefits and risks of your current situation. - Nina, ( Team)

    1. very good advice.

  2. I had HIFU Feb. 2019, everthing went well for me. It only took 2 1/2 hours. I am now cancer free going on 5 years with no side effects. One week after HIFU my cather was removed without any complications. The follow up was PSA every 3 months the first year , then 6 months , then once a year. I have a yearly exam with my Urologist. So far my PSA has remained at .85 to 1.02

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