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High Non Cancerous PSA

Enlarged prostate: Highest non cancerous PSA just from enlarged prostate. Please share numbers.

  1. Indianaguy,
    Mine was in the bph category until today, and still may be, when it was 4.3. 2 yrs. ago it was 2.2. My Urologist prescribed Avodart and repeat psa in 6 months. If it’s not down significantly, he mentioned doing an MRI.

    1. I wouldn’t worry. I wish my PSA was that low. You will be fine. I was wanting to see if any guys had a PSA over 10 with just an enlarged prostate non cancerous. I know an enlarged prostate will cause high PSA and not be cancerous.

      Any guys over 10 and not cancer. Thanks

      1. My concern is how much it’s risen in 2 yrs. How long has it taken yours to reach its level, if I may ask. I was reading about a study today about bph under 20, or something to that effect.

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