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How did you feel making a treatment decision?

There are many options for treating prostate cancer. There are just as many, if not more, emotions associated with our treatment decisions. Tell us: What treatment did you decide on? Why? How did you feel making that call?

  1. Nutritional Holistic Survivor
    Surviving Past My Expiration Date - Am I Cured?

    I was diagnosed with agressive Prostate Cancer (biopsy results showed Gleason Score of 4 + 4) on April 14th 2010. They said I'd MAYBE live 3 more years with severe pain/suffering! BUT, I'm still ALIVE and kicking. You read all the tables, articles and even listen to your doctor and they either say you have a 5 year life expectance after treatment or you are considered 'cured' simply by surviving for 5 years after diagnosis. While it is mostly bull shit as is most of the advice from too many oncologists, it seems to be 'generally accepted in the medical community.

    Well the oncologist said I probably have had the prostate cancer tumor for some time; maybe 2 to 3 years. If that is the case, I guess I am way beyond the 5-year survivor mark? It is all mostly statistical bullshit in my opinion. Who know how long it may have been there; probably not that long as my Gleason Score is pretty high at 8 (tumor growth rate).

    Frankly, I don't give a damn what they think. The idiots gave me only 3 years to live 14+ years ago and here I am alive and kicking at 77 wonderful years OLD. Hell, I'm healthier NOW than I was when diagnosed with my prostate cancer. I may be healthier now than I was at 35; sure feels that way! Go figure!

    What does this all mean? It MEANS that you have to LIVE your own life and not be ruled by people who really know little about what the hell they are doing! Many articles have stated that most oncologists would NOT accept the same treatment they administer to their patients. From debilitating/dangerous surgery to chemotherapy to radiation; all these treatment are themselves LIFE THREATENING.

    Next time you see your guy/gal, ASK them how much NUTRITION education they got in med-school or have studied since they graduated. Lots of these 'experts' are pretty old and well beyond their med school days. Just ASK THEM if you have the guts. Most will ignore the question or just tell you that Nutrition has no relationship to your current situation. KNOW THAT THIS IS A LIE!

    Do I advise ignoring traditional 'treatment'; HELL NO. But don't simply be directed to the radiation chamber, operating room or poison (chemo) center. THINK and RESEARCH FIRST. Make your OWN decisions. Too many unfortunates have been directed and intimidated by 'doctors' who make massive profits from 'treatment' as do their partner drug companies and hospitals (also treatment centers).

    I DO believe that approaches like lumpectomy and other less invasive/dangerous procedures for certain cancers may be an appropriate treatment, but hell, I'm NOT A DOCTOR. If you elect to embark on such 'treatment'; even chemo and radiation, THINK about also adopting a Plant Based Lifestyle to support/boost your immune system as all these 'treatments' do damage to your body's natural ability to heal.

    70% of your entire immune system is located within your gut!
    The more plants you eat, and the less processed and refined foods and animal products you consume, the happier your gut will be. Plant foods are anti-inflammatory and contain fiber which is essential for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Plant foods are also nutrient-dense, providing your body with the building blocks it needs to function optimally.

    After all, you got sick because your immune system was weakened. Why it was weakened, sometimes you just don't know. Could have been a disease (bacterial or virus), poor lifestyle choices, overwork, stress, or many other reasons. Don't look back; but look forward to improving your natural defense/immune system and the body's ability to HEAL itself.

    "The Natural Healing Force Withn Each of US is the Greatest Force in Getting Well."

    "You can't keep one disease and heal two others. When the body heals, it heals everything."
    -Charlotte Gerson

    Many folks just need to examine their choices, lifestyle and dietary. It is after all a CHOICE you are making. Let me help you on your Lifestyle Journey to Health & Wellness. Examine how a Plant Based Lifestyle can help!

    Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living"

    Now on to the rest of what LIFE has to offer.

    1. thank you so much for sharing with us. I love your message about knowledge is power and you need to weigh out all your options. It sounds like you are doing so well and enjoying life to the fullest! Jill, ( team)

  2. Started with a PSA of about 41. My new "rock star" urologist wanted to start me on Orgovix (ADT) the first time I saw him. After a romantic weekend with my wife, I called and told the urologist's office I was ready to start ADT. By the time I met with the oncologist, the Orgovix alone had knocked my PSA down to around 12.4.

    PSMA scan showed tumor in the prostate with left neurovascular bundle involvement, and lesions on several local lymph nodes near my spine. The oncologist recommended chemo with DOCEtaxel (Taxotere) at 130mg along with a cocktail of other med. I'm halfway through that right now. PSA is 0.87. I go for another PSMA scan next week.

    How do I feel about going along with these treatment options?

    Right now, I feel pretty good about them.

    Orgovix seems to have knocked out my testosterone to below laboratory detection levels but left me fully functional with the help of Calais. I was a type-A, overly aggressive guy before, so the "me" on Ogovix is a bit kinder and gentler. That's a good thing. Plus, the leaner and less hairy body resembles the younger me. If my beard thickens back up, I'd like the look. I can potentially tolerate staying on Orgovix as my maintenance treatment after the chemo ends.

    The Taxotere has gotten rough. I get it every three weeks. The weekends after my Thursday treatments are hellish. My guts shut down right after the treatment, and then my guts wake up in a rage by Saturday afternoon. Since my guts spend two day out of order, anything in them will have turned to rocks. And now my guts want to get them out even if it kills me. The aftermath of that, and the increasing "chemo brain" pretty well put me out of order until the next Thursday. It's Wednesday afternoon right now, the week after treatment, and I am just now starting to feel like myself again. I can work for home. But there ain't much work being done and what is done is pretty shabby because I can't think straight. I have a PSMA scan next week. If the scan shows my cancer all dead or dying, it will be worth it. Plus, I get to keep what's left of my prostate, and more importantly, my neurovascular bundles...maybe and God willing.

    1. thanks for sharing with us. I am so glad to hear the treatments are helping, although I can hear how hard the Taxotere is for you. We will be thinking of you and hope that your scan next week is promising. Jill, ( team)

    2. Know where you are on your "Rocks" journey - what i found helpful was drinking a lot of fluids every day and taking a fiber supplement (or 2 or 3) every day. The drugs do mess us up for a time - i occasionally found myself looking for my cell phone only to see it was in my hand - Wishing you all the best with this Dennis( TEAM)

  3. It came as a complete shock Nov of '22. I went to the Dr for heart burn, then 2 months and many scans and tests later, I was told I have Prostate Cancer. Went into "Why me?" for about a week. Family came together for me, especially my wife of 40 years. "We will get through this" she said. Why mess around? I scheduled the Radical Prostectomy 2.14.23. Glad I did, found it spread. Now on ADT and radiation. Expect good news in March.

    1. I completed my 40 sessions of Radiation Feb 16, 2024. It was very exciting to ring the bell! The excitement lasted for about 30 minutes. As I was driving home I had lots of thoughts going through my mind. Today is April 16, 2024. I will be on HT, (actually testosterone blockers until Sept of 2025, per my urologist. I feel good most of the time, I can do about 2 hours of minor physical labor before I get light headed. Then it seems to take 2 days to recover. I can't imagine if I had a job that I went to everyday, lucky I can work at home. My last blood test showed PSA 0.04 and testosterone 11. I am starting to integrate exercise (more than walking) into my routine and slowly moving into a alkaline diet. My expectation is 20 more years of quality life! I will beat this invisible enemy!

    2. thank you for the update! I am sure it was exhilarating to ring that bell! I am so glad you are able to work from home and take it easy when you need to. It sounds like things are mostly going well and I am sure adding in exercise and an alkaline diet, will make you feel even better. Keep up the fight! Jill, team

  4. I am a 71 year old with CAD, rheumatoid arthritis, mild copd. Gleason 7. After much thought and speaking at length with family, (one an experienced RN that works with surgical patients), a former pcp with 55+ years experience and several others it was decided on surgery, primarily because my other health problems made it difficult to do 9+ weeks of daily radiation + hormone therapy for 25+ months and steroid therapy. Difficult decision but seems best option. Worst of it so far is anxiety waiting for surgery, and concern just how it's going to be with 10-14 days with a Foley cath in. Surgery is tomorrow morning. I will post a post surgery comment when I can. I realize it's important to keep a positive attitude which is somewhat difficult but do-able.

    1. I am glad the wait is over for you. The anxiety leading up to surgery can be very overwhelming. I hope everything went smoothly and we look forward to hearing how you are doing post-op. Jill, ( team)

    2. Now that the robotic surgery is over I suspect you will surprised at how fast the recover can be . Just 4 weeks after my Cat was removed I was back on my bike and doing abut 10 miles round trip at least 2 - 3 days a week . Go at your own pace . If you feel tired stop and rest... if you feel great enjoy live and living. Dennis( TEAM)

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