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Just diagnosed

My husband has had Psa of 48 on 25th. FEB. symptoms of frequency. Urgency and nocturnal for 3 months prior. Had an mri on 13th. March which showed prostate tumour that has spread locally with possible seminal vesicle infiltration and 2 lymph nodes that appear enlarged to 5 and 9 mm respectively. Also subtle change to pubic bone area suggested. Awaiting ct and bone scan results done 2 days ago. Booked for prostate biopsies but still waiting date due to waiting list. Very overwhelmed at present as worried of a poor prognosis with seminal vesicle involvement. Any replies would be very much appreciated.

  1. Sorry should read in my first post nocturnal not nocturnal

    1. Nocturia

      1. I am in close to the same situation. PSA 27, had MRI but all they told me was that I had a lesion on each side one was grade 3 and the other was 4. Had my Prostate Biopsy and Cysto done on Monday and get the results on that this coming Monday.

        I am only 51 years old, which I guess is fairly young for this.

        1. My husband was 55 when diagnosed with prostate cancer with a psa of nearly 100. He had a radical prostatectomy followed by chemo and he's here and doing well 14 years later. I say that to encourage you not to lose hope. While the treatment is hard, It can do what it's supposed to do.

      2. THANKS SO MUCH FOR REPLIES TO DATE. REALLY APPRECIATE SAME. My husband's urology consultant stated surgery not an option and that it would be HR plus or minus HR pending his biopsy result. I Feel this is too premature to make such a decisive decision without results of his ct scan and bone scan. MY husband is 64, very healthy otherwise, without any underlying medical conditions. Would appreciate members opinions. Thank you.

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