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Just diagnosed update

Hi just an update on my husband's journey...he is having his prostate biopsies on Friday 29th. APRIL as consultant phoned yesterday and he also said that we would get ct and bone scan results also. Bear in mind we
were initially told of a 9 to 10 week wait for biopsies. My question is if the ct and bone scan showed spread would he have told us this over the phone. Or if scans both clear. As now thinking of advanced spread. On his last consultation we were told locally advanced from mri findings. Very anxious wait.

  1. The waiting for test result is hell and have been there.
    My biopsy showed an aggressive Gleason 9 score but a follow up MRI scan showed the cancer was most likely contained. The good news was ... It was. While the MRI is not 100% it does give you some idea of where you are. Fingers crossed that your husband testing shows only local involvement

    1. Waiting IS Hell. Just try to remember that by getting tested your husband and you are doing the right thing. Once you have the results, have asked your questions and done your own research, you will be in a much better position to make a decision that is best for you. Let us know how it goes for you.

      1. I think Pete R said it all -- do your own research and come equipped with questions. Be record the answers in whatever way works best for you. We've had so much information tossed our way that we learned to either take copious notes like we were students or if the doctor allowed it, record the conversations. Best wishes as you both move forward in this journey.

        Also, it sounds like you are a caregiver for your husband. My husband, too, has prostate cancer and I've been his caregiver through many surgeries and treatments. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to talk.

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