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Loss of Penis Length After Treatment

Have you lost penis length after prostate cancer treatment?

Share your experience and help others navigate post-treatment challenges.

  1. Not sure about that

    1. I think that it definitely does. I never measured prior but there is definitely a little difference after having my prostate removed

      1. I had Radical Prostetectomy surgery 3 years ago almost to the day. I was 64 at the time. The surgery was supposed to be nerve sparing but it was not. There is zero ability to maintain an erection. I experienced urinary incontinence for nearly 6 months and then the healing seemed to begin. Three years later I am mostly dry unless I have unusual physical exertion. I experienced a loss of penis length of about two inches due to the removal of internal tissue which makes it very difficult/messy to urinate at times. I have tried penile rehabilitation which was not successful.

        I have had recurring cancer events that required radiation two separate times and ADT therapy twice as well. Right now I am in a surveilance mode with the disease and consider myself lucky. I get to stay alive and have learned to live with the disappointing but not devastating side effects. Many people have worse conditions than mine.

        1. The video that Jill Brodie is helpful in explaining the process for rehabilitation.

          I did not experience a pleasant process with the suction device. It brought the blood back into the penis so there was a half erection. It is painful not pleasurable and sometimes tore the skin so wound up having to heal that wound too despite having lots of lubrication.

          I abandoned the process after about 3 weeks of trying.

        2. Thank you

      2. I can only speak to surgical treatment.

        After prostate removal there is a gap between the base of the bladder and the base of the penis. The urethra has to be reconnected and that closes the gap. The penis looks to be at least two inches less in "hang." I wish that my urologist had been more forthcoming about this fact. He wasn't. Leaving out important (and uncomfortable) truths is equivalent to lying in my opinion. I would not have changed my mind and chosen other treatment. I did several months of penile rehabilitation with pumps and shots after surgery. I did not regain my erection but I maintain a satisfactory sex life despite that. I am 78 so getting a penile prosthesis is not appealing.

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