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What do I need to know with metastatic/advanced prostate cancer?

Share your advice and questions about advanced or metastatic prostate cancer from diagnosis to treatment to daily life.

  1. I wanted to know what the treatment would be . And how long I had to live

    1. Perfectly understandable. Those are great questions to ask, Joe! Let's hope you were presented with more than one treatment option and you were able to decide on one that made the most sense for you at the time. Just in case others would like to know what some of those treatment options are, here is an article that talks about treatment options for advanced prostate cancer.

  2. I know this question is from three months ago, but thought I'd add my experience. I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer last October. There was metastasis to the spine, ribs, lymph nodes, and pelvic area. Interesting enough, I've had very little pain.

    My treatment is pretty much what I call first line standard of treatment care. I did six cycles of chemo (docetaxel) and started hormone therapy with Lupron shots (ADT/Androgen Depravation Therapy) at the same time. My initial PSA was over 5,000. I'm done with chemo but still on Lupron, and most likely will be for life. But docetaxel + Lupron was very effective. My PSA had lowered to 22 last checkup, which is elevated, but a far cry from 5,000. As long as I remain hormone naive, then I'll just keep getting a Lupron shot every three months. Androgen suppression is a big part of first line treatment. (Note - generally if you've got metastatic prostate cancer, a prostatectomy is not really an option, as systemic treatment is what you'll need.)

    Once you become castrate resistant, then you'll likely need to look at second line treatments. There are a lot of options, and this seems to be the area where a lot of clinical trials are for metastatic prostate cancer.

    I am not a doctor, only a patient, and my experience has only been with hormone naive metastatic prostate cancer. And since I am not a doctor, I can't give you any number for life expectancy. There are so many variables. I will say I've met guys 10+ years past their stage 4 diagnosis. Best of luck to you.

    1. Thank you for answering this question, Doug! There is so much here that will be helpful to anyone just beginning with a metastatic diagnosis. Great to have your support here as a community member. - Nina, Team

  3. Thanks for the article and the insights you offered here. Currently I am under control but at the same timeI recognize that my diagnosis with a Gleason 9 is troubling. Always good to hear of the experiences of those have walked the path before. Do hope you continue to keep us updated ... Dennis( Team)

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