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Penile lengthening

Has anyone tried techniques to lengthen the penis after prostate cancer treatment?

Becca Ironside, Moderator

  1. Strategies to mitigate effects of treatment have existed for years, but they are often not discussed. I have discovered by trial and error as well as doing research on pub med that a combination of things really help maintain size, length and girth, and sexual function. Penile rehabilitation should, ideally, begin before treatment. Daily low dose generic cialis or viagra is helpful to maintain blood flow which prevents atrophy. Regular pelvic floor exercises also prevent atrophy and strengthens erections. Regular vacuum pump exercises can modestly increase length and girth. Trimix is absolutely a go to ED treatment. These strategies work even if you are already in advanced stages.

    1. I'm 73. I had a radical prostatectomy in 2009 and did not require radiation post operation. I have used all the ED meds but don't like the side effects so I stopped. I have used a vacuum pump and injections but stopped those about 7 years ago. Is there anything I can do at this point to stop or reverse the atrophy of my penis? It's short enough that I now look like I haven't been circumcized!

      1. When a prostatectomy is done a portion of your"drainage line" that is running through the prostate gland is removed in the process - It makes sense that when things are reconnected it will cause some tightening up. I

        I was OK on the ED meds but at the time the MDs here were not suggesting the use of a pump to help maintain blood flow and more. Today they are encouraging men to do so - I can only speculate it must have some impact.

        Several men in my support group have had implants done and have been pleased with the results - you may want to discuss your questions and concerns with your MD

        1. Studies I read is that there is a degree of recovery in length over time roughly mimicking recovery of erectile function which recovery can peak at 24-36 months in general. Probably not a lot of change beyond 2 years though. It also depends on how much you exercise your "muscle" according to what I've read. Degree of shortening is also variable depending on surgical technique. A pump can't hurt but there's no silver bullet.

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