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Problems after catheter removal

Prostate removal 5-13-2022
Catheter removal 5-20-2022
I have been passing blood clots(looks like scabs) to this day 7-13-2022 . My urinating has stopped twice eventually being able to start again. The first urine stop I went to ER. They tried 4 different sizes of catheters, unable to get them to enter. Left ER after being able to urinate a little. Today I feel another clot resulting in having to force the urine to start and the stream going everywhere and stream being very small.
Anyone had similar issues. Urology Dr. says clots will stop eventually.😳

  1. How aware is your urologist of the issue you are currently experiencing? While we are all different I only had a few small clots a week after surgery. I did not experience the ongoing concerns as you have described. Does your urologist suggest the reinsert of a Catheter. Personally I would be on the phone with him expressing my concerns

    1. Hi . Sorry you had to go through all of this. Just speaking personally, glad you opted, after everything that happened, to say you want a doctor to remove the catheter (at least this way if there are any further issues it can't be said you did something wrong). Also a little surprised they would even suggest you do it, since one would think they would want to see how everything has healed. Wishing you the best and please feel free to keep us posted. Richard ( Team)

    2. Agree on not wanting to do self-removal and best if MD does it - especially in light of your recent history - Bring in a pro just in case there are any issues is always the best I believe ... Dennis ( TEAM)

  2. Had my prostate removed in 2017 everything went great then about a year later my numbers were rising so 39 rounds of radiation and 2.5 yrs of lupron so Dec of last year I was starting to get uti quit a bit so they ran a scope up my urethra and sent me home with a Foley told me radiation had gave me some scar tissue well went bac 2 weeks later Foley was removed sent me home with self Cather then about a week into that we could not get one in now almost a year out of work waiting on social security to give me a decision on my disability we did not qualify for food stamps thay put a super pubic catheter in in June never worked from the start so in 4 weeks they changed it out another in after I told them it didn’t feel right they insisted and sent me back home 1.5 hr drive one way I get home Cather bag still empty I’m peeing like crazy out my penis at this point so they had me come back up there Cather was not in right spot and the hole where it went in bladder closed up Dr said since my bladder is shrinking from not being used they have to get radiologist help so waiting on that appt mean while I’m still leaking hurting and just down right upset about the whole situation everything they have tried has seemed to make it worst

    1. Wow You certainly have had a nasty run with this. I had a similar treatment protocol - surgery followed by radiation and Lupron and was ok with it.

      Are you currently working with a local hospital or are you being treated at a larger regional medical center? I have men in my support group who made the move to a larger regional center and almost noticed some significant changes in care and treatment.

      It may be worth your time to look into other MD's if you are not pleased with the journey you are on. Dennis( TEAM)

  3. Jlwiiliams31206

    1. Omg yes but my problem was the day after my biopsy....Everytime i peed it would be thick clots..And i thought that sooner or later the clots would block me and at 2am i got up to pee and nothing and so i panicked and told my wife to call and Ambulance and as soon as i got to the hospital they made me wait and by then i didnt think i could hold it in any longer...So i said to the nurse please get someone to put a catheder in me before i bursed and die but all she did was give me a pee bottle so i tried that and after pushing and pushing i was getting it out but then a huge clot came out and i was in relief....but i was scared

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