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Should I have my prostate removed?

Was told last week that I have prostate cancer, gleason score of 9 but psa only 1.7. my uroligist said that he hadsno clue why my psa was that low with a gleason of 9. I am sure that I will find out next week that he wants to remove it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  1. It's been one year since I had surgery.after surgery I dealt with having to wear a pad for urine leakage,but that is almost mon assistant now ,I still leak but very seldom,,but has for now I get depressed ,because I still havnt been able to get erections and I have no sex drive .I'm still glad I made the decision to remove the prostate ,because my numbers have been at zero,but it's always in the back of my mind that if I had prostate cancer the cancer maybe somewhere else also,I'm thankful for be cancer free but there are some hurdles you have to get over.i had my surgery by Dr.Tim Materson from I U Health in Indianapolis .very honest and a very experienced surgeon. If you decide to have surgery find one of these experienced surgeons .this is a life changing surgery so choose wisely. And may god bless you.

    1. Thanks so much, I have been referred to Dr. Masterson, will see him on Oct. 1st

      1. When I was first diagnosed, my PSA had gone from 2 to 4 in 6 weeks. The biopsy revealed 2 cores with a Gleason score of 3+3-6. Had another biopsy scheduled for a year later. In between biopsies, my PSA went all the way down to .85 before it started to no up again.
        Second biopsy revealed 3 cores with a Gleason score of 3+4-7, a little more aggressive.
        I elected for prostatectomy with the knowledge that there is only 1 door to open regarding treatment. If I elected radiation, they can not remove it as a next option.
        It's been a year and a half since surgery. Do I leak some? Yes, but not all the time. It is manageable. On long trips or outings I will keep a pad with me, just in case. I only get partially erect now. Does it bother me? Sometimes.
        I look at the bigger picture, I am alive and kicking. I will not let it beat me up in my head. It is what it is.
        My uncle died as a result of prostate cancer and it was a miserable death for him.
        I have to be secure in my head that I made the right decision and I am.
        There is a site called prostrcision that provided me with a wealth of information regarding prostate cancer and treatment options. It helped me come to the conclusion for treatment that I did opt for.
        Ultimately the decision is yours as to what treatment you opt for. I suggest reading up on all the treatment options available, ask your surgeon lots of questions especially what is his cure rate. Being cured is a PSA of less than .1 for 10 years.
        There is a lot to this. First, wrap your head around it and accept that you have it. You can not fight your mind. Second, read up on all the treatment options and the side effects for each. Everyone is different in the way we heal. Some are luckier than others. Thirdly, keep an absolute positive attitude during this whole period of time. Keep thinking and telling yourself you got this.

        1. Thanks so much for sharing , having mine removed Nov. 6th

      2. Had a Gleason of 10 so not much of a choice for me. Radical prostectomy mid-August. Don't get my first blood test until late Nov or early Dec to see if residual cancer.
        Although my cancer only occupied a small area of the prostate, it was protruding out of the gland. Great pathology report from lymph nodes, bladder, and surrounding tissue, so hoping for a zero PSA next month.
        I leak, but has gotten much better, and very little action toward erection, but blessed to least believe it is gone for now.

        I would love to be able to have natural sex again, but the trade for life instead allows me to sleep quite well at night. 7 or higher, get rid of it.

        1. Thanks Topher, it is coming out next Wednesday morning

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