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PSMA-Wondering is this a Devil I dont know?

After almost fourteen years I think I might be able to locate my hidden prostate cancer. PSA has been active off and on three times over the years. No mets have ever been found.

So here comes PSMA and I might finally see where its living. Scan on 2/18. Now I'm wondering if I really want to know. Not sure what I'll do if it turns out treatable with radiation or surgery. Growing so slow Ill be dead from something else most likely.

That old saying stay with the devil you know comes to mind.

  1. Hello Dan!
    How did your scan go?
    Just had my 18 month post RP PSA come back at .03. What have you been tracking for 11 years?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jnthames in LA.

    1. Hi. Sent you a DM. What my doc and I track is PSA levels. Test every three months usually-now on a six month cycle. Still low enough where I'm not too worried right now. .265. In past relapses I'd of started Lupron and Casodex-now I will resist until I really feel threatened-feel to good to treat right now-age 70.

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