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Anyone experience burning pain symptoms?

I had external beam radiation and brachytherapy (72 seeds). Approximately one year after treatment I began to experience burning when I urinate. I had a cystoscope and urologist said the urethra was a little in flamed but everything looks very good considering all the radiation. Anyone experience these symptoms? Any solutions I can try.

  1. From the Facebook community:

    "Nothing external. I felt some slight burning during urination but they recommended taking cranberry pills throughout the process and that cleared it right up." - Paul

    "Yes but they gave me some cream and it clear was more of burn like sunburn" - Daniel

    1. Hi BMoss. Sorry you are having this issue with burning while urinating. Have you had a chance to speak to your doctor about this (note: any new symptom should be brought to the attention of the doctor)? Burning or pain when urinating can be a sign of infection. Of course, only a doctor can provide a diagnosis. Hope you find some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Hi again BMoss. I found this article out of the U.K. that notes that "a burning feeling when you urinate" is possible after brachytherapy. It goes on to say "Symptoms can start within a few days of your
        first treatment. They usually begin to improve
        when your treatment ends. But some men get
        symptoms for several months. And some don’t
        get symptoms until months or even years after
        their final treatment:" Of course, there are still other possibilities, such as infection, and these symptoms should be brought to your doctor. Best, Richard ( Team)

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