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Recently Diagnosed and Have Questions

Hi All, my husband (63) has just started his journey and we were wondering what the timeline is. A high PSA, nodule on exam, MRI which indicated a large lesion on left side and now scheduled for biopsy on Monday. Doc has said it is most likely cancer and due to a mechanical mitral valve, radiation is most likely the way to go. We're wondering how quickly everything happens after the biopsy results come in? He has a lot of other issues and thanks to Covid we have not had much time to spend with our grown children who are all in different states. I know we won't know for sure the extent but is it possible we would be able to spend Christmas with our family or does everything happen pretty fast after the biopsy results. I realize we don't have a lot of info right now just trying to get some insight as to timing.

  1. We appreciate you reaching out with this. The timeline of treatment might be affected by numerous variables. However, I'm sure the community can chime in with their experience of treatment timelines. Please feel free to start a forum on this as well, it might be a good way to get more responses. Wishing you the best. -Samuel, Team Member

    1. I was diagnosed on Nov 23 and decided on radiation treatment. Met with the radiation oncologist on Dec 1. He wanted markers inserted into the prostate for radiation so back to the urologist. The markers were inserted on Dec 14 along with a CT Scan performed the same day. They mapped out my radiation plan and I received my first radiation treatment on Dec 29. So for me, that was about 5 weeks from diagnosis until 1st treatment. I was expected to receive treatments 5 days per week for 9 weeks but bad weather pushed that out some to more like 10 1/2 weeks as I missed appointments. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you so much for responding, it does help, so many unknowns right now. Best to you!

    2. I would suggest that the patient and his family need to keep gathering information on P Ca but not let the process overwhelm their collective mind and spirit. I learnt over time to allocate only a number of hours in a day to focus on my diagnosis and treatment options.

      In the case of someone who is waiting for biopsy results, it would be best till the matter of staging is first attended to. Depending on the test results, there may be an option of getting a genomic test done on the tissue sample for risk stratification in case the specialist feels it is required.

      Based on the staging, options for treatment, including Active Surveillance, could then be evaluated in consultation with the treating specialist and, if so required, second/third opinions obtained.

      Without being armed with the full picture about the test result could cause avoidable stress. In most cases, P Ca does not pose a threatening situation and one should hope for the best.

      1. Having had 2 run-ins with prostate cancer along with running a helpline for patients and their partners facing the many emotional and physical challenges of prostate cancer and diseases of the prostate let me add a few thoughts.

        First if it is cancer it can be watched or treated depending on the results of a biopsy and scans. At this point there are too many unknowns to determine timing of treatment or any course of action.

        I was diagnosed in January or 2013 and did not have surgery until April 15 that year. Other men who were in a similar situation were told to be treated soon as possible while others are put on active surveillance.

        Second if the cancer has escaped the prostate then radiation is the most likely treatment. You may also be asked about hormone therapy to slow the cancer down prior to radiation and after. Today radiation can be given over a short period of time or as it was in my case it was delivered 5 days a week for 8 weeks. You can see my video journal of my 8 weeks of treatment on if that is any help.

        Third. Take a deep breadth... ask lots of questions of your MD's... understand the prostate cancer is slow growing and you may(or may not) have more flexibility than your realize. Also ask about Proton therapy - a relatively new treatment that many are quite happy with. ...Dennis ( TEAM)

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