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What was your experience with salvage radiation?

I have to have 39 sessions with salvage radiation for recurrent prostate cancer. I was interested in hearing about peoples' experience, what was it like day-to-day while getting the radiation.... your body (pain/etc.) and emotions.

  1. Hi PCBRO I was in your exact position in 2018 and needed to do the 40 treatments + Lupron some 5 years after surgery. You will want to check our a video diary I recorded every day of treatment. The segments run under 3 min each. It explains my initial concerns, fears, reactions to treatment, various issues, how I included family members and more. If interested the video journey can be found at Our local hospital uses it as do several organizations across the US. Feel free to reach out if you need more information. Dennis ( Team)

    1. I finally took the time to watch your video series. Very helpful. Thanks. I'll be seeing the radiation oncologist in a few weeks for the initial consult. I've found myself much less concerned with the radiation, much more so with the prospect of the ADT or other hormone therapy. Is it pretty much a given they do the hormone therapy along with the radiation? I've read some research studies which seem to suggest with a low PSA (I think they said below 0.6), the benefits were not there.
      I don't know if that view has since become a common approach. That study was out of U of M, and that's where I'm going for care. I am eager to see what they say.

    2. Glad video was of help. I had a high Gleason as in a 9. Depending on your situation ADT may or may not be in the cards your MD will guide you.

      Here is where I am these days ... We can research all of this up one side and down the other - In the end there are few to no clear answers. When all is said and done and only endless research lies ahead we come face-to-face with the same question - Do I undergo treatment or not. Only you can decide .

  2. I did 33 days of radiation and 2 six month shots of Lupron after a recurrence almost 5 months after surgery. I was not particularly freaked out by the experience but did sometimes think about the fact that nobody really knew where the cancer really was. Like probably most of the radiation done at that time, the prostate bed was zapped being the most likely place for the recurrence. In general, I found the experience kind of like being in a spa. There was a men’s lounge where you waited for the call to go to the specific room. There were a few caring technicians who all seemed really nice and covered you with warm sheets and then played whatever music you wanted while the radiation was happening. All in all it was kind of relaxing. Oh, and you have to just get over being embarrassed since the technicians are going to check for gas and send you off to fart if you are not clear!

    1. So agree Clark. Techs ...Nice folks who have seen it all - I did discover it was not necessary to have my bladder filled to the explosion point .. Important and good to know information ... especially if you no longer have a prostate gland to hold the flood back.

      1. Gents,
        Thanks for sharing, I just subscribed as I will know in 2 weeks if I will be taking the radiation/ADT route.

        Pending my next Dr visit - I will also review your video series

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