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How do you find a good support group?

Help other community members find a good support group. Post which ones you like and tips for finding them.

  1. That has been a hard one for me; there aren’t any near where I am. A local hospital had one but discontinued it because of lack of participation.
    If you do a google search you might find one?

    1. I went to one group in Austin, a fairly liberal city. In a room of almost 20 men, I was the youngest (52) at the time and, as best I could tell, the only gay man there. I've since moved to the Bay Area and am starting to consider going to one here. Don't get me wrong, no one was rude or anything to me at the group, but no one really engaged me or said anything supportive. It's hard for a 52 year old gay guy with Stage 4, met PCa to relate to a 72 year old straight guy whose cancer has been largely contained.

      1. Hi and , thanks for commenting! It can be frustrating not to have access to support like these groups, either due to location or need for specific types of experience. Incidentally, , I recently came across a call-in support group for gay men and their partners. This is a link to the program: I also hope we can build a bigger following of gay men in this community to provide that specific support.

        , I wonder if you've had any luck with call-in groups? John talks about running one here that you could possibly get involved with:

        Thanks and wishing you best of luck. Everyone deserves support tackling this monster! - Nina, Team

    2. I’m sorry that group wasn’t very welcoming. I was diagnosed at 53 and had my prostate removed. Then about a year later had a recurrence (stage 3.) I’ve met several men over the last year and a half who have PC, but are much older with less activity going on. It is very frustrating to me because of the age difference and the aggressiveness of my PC; they can’t relate because theirs is slow progression.
      I hope you find a group that will welcome you in. It’s hard being alone (it is for me) with no one to talk out what’s going on in our journey. I hope we both find a group where we can find others that can relate to our age, as well as our questions, emotions, and, sometimes, feelings of despair and hopelessness.
      But, my friend, we are surviving and I hope we both continue to do so for a very long time.
      Cheering you on- Ray

      1. In 2015 I was 55 years old when I learned I had uncureable highly aggressive (Gleason 9) Stage IV Prostate Cancer. Postoperatively, my PSA should’ve been undetectable but it was 17.9 ng/dL because the surgical urologist didn’t get clean margins. I’ve got bony Mets in my hips, pelvis, spine, sternum, ribs, clavicles, and right side of jaw. After 3 years of Xgeva use I now have MRONJ in the left side of my jaw. In spite of this load of tribulation, I’ve still been able to maintain a good attitude so far. I’m so grateful for that. I’m here to chat with you if you need to text somebody!

      2. Hi Ray,

        I hope all is going well for you. I was wondering if you were able to find a support group that you feel comfortable with?
        I had PC and had mine removed two years ago.

    3. Sharing some other thoughts from our team:

      "I live in San Luis Obispo, CA. I attend a prostate cancer support group at the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital. I've learned so much about prostate cancer and how individual each man's journey is over the last 18 months. I suggest checking with any local hospital that cares for cancer patient, talking to health care professionals and talking to any other men you know who have had prostate cancer. It only takes two to start a group! Will Jones Moderator"

      "Men may also check with their Hospitals about cancer support groups, a navigator may be able to direct you where to go, of Google men's cancer support group meetings. I offer one in Los Angeles CA we meet at Holman UMC church and First Church Inglewood for any man living in the Los Angeles area, men may also give me a call at (323) 795-0589. Cancer support groups are very important for men to learn more, share more, realize they are NOT alone with their issues and side-effects, Let's Talk About I say to help you heal, thanks. Freddie Moderator."

      "Freddie Muse Jr. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I'd also suggest that patients ask their urologist or oncologists about prostate cancer forums or support groups. Bob Tierno, Moderator"

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