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What are the odds for Gleason 10 after radical prostatectomy?

Hello friends: I am 60yo and in otherwise good health, and I have been diagnosed with Gleason 10 following the biopsy done during the TURP surgery. Since then, I had a radical prostatectomy a few weeks ago, in the private hospital, to avoid massive waiting times in the public system we have here in Australia.

I am now PSA of 1.3 after the prostatectomy. My urologist says that the surgery removed 90% of the cancer, however I am going crazy with worry regarding the 10% that apparently is left in my pelvic area. The doc suggests the hormone treatment, to be followed by radiotherapy.

So the big question is: what are my odds of living another 5 or 10 years? I'm not ready to go yet, I have a wonderful wife and daughter who are my whole life.

Best regards friends

  1. Presumably you’ve had scans to stage your cancer.
    What was your psa at diagnosis?

    1. Hello Kris, my PSA at diagnosis was 17, I had multiple MRIs, at the time of the diagnosis the cancer did not spread to the bones, so the current stage is 'local advanced'.

      1. Salvage radiotherapy is usually the next option with a persistent psa after surgery.
        Hormone therapy is an option but not necessarily a given at this stage.
        Obviously your doctor will guide you but a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.
        As for long term survival no one can really say with certainty but many men live for years if not decades with locally advanced prostate cancer with the right treatment.
        Down the track if needed there are several clinical trials here in Australia that hold promise. So don’t despair.

        1. Excellent my man if you stay cool. It is alright to e scared but you must take care of your mind as well. Simple exercise like walking a couple of miles every other day does wonders for me. Not being in your bones is the good news and you seem like your going the usual route so hang in there you still have a wonderful life.

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