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What Should Be Known About the Digital Rectal Exam?

There's a lot to be discussed about digital rectal exams. This is a space to ask questions and share your experience with DRE's.

  1. DRE is no issue. Does not hurt and only takes a few seconds. By luck of the draw I have a female Urologist. Think the world of her. First meeting she told me her male patients like her because she has small hands. She is a wee person.

    1. My wife's uncle's prostate cancer was discovered only when a digital rectal exam discovered a tumor, as the cancer did not register on his PSA test which still read in the normal range. Both tests are imperative.

      1. I had my first prostate exam at age 12. Don’t ask me why but that’s when it all started. I’ve had them annually ever since. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 67. Now that I am on Medicare the prostate exam by my PCP have stopped.

        1. It isn't all that useful or accurate.

          1. I have a friend who had normal PSA. On DRE exam doctor felt a lump. It was cancer. He doing well.

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