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What to do on diagnosis anniversaries?

Aren't diagnosis anniversaries weird? It's very unclear what to do with the day, but we are often acutely aware of it when it comes. How we respond is likely contextual to the cancer's contemporary expression.

What do you do on the anniversary of your diagnosis? Has the day's feeling changed over the years?

  1. Sometimes we try to forget the day of diagnosis. Of course, we can't. Other times, while we're not grateful for the disease, we're grateful for early detection and recognize the D day (diagnosis day) with appreciation for medical science and where we are today. Diagnosis and treatment, once past the shock, also have kind of a silver lining - we appreciate family and friendships more, we have a gratitude for each day and the opportunity to share our experience and help others. We would probably all say we wish we didn't have a D day, but there are some things that can be recognized positively.

    1. I have the anniversary dates on my phone calendar - when they come up I just look and say WOW and glad I am still here. Dennis(

  2. Since at diagnosis I was given 2 years left to live, I have taken to celebrate how many years past my expiration date I have survived.

    So on November 19 2024 I will be four years past my expiry date. Feels like a minor victory that way

    1. amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing. Jill (team member)

  3. That’s amazing My PSA rapidly increased from 2 to 8 my only symptom was frequent urination, So DRE and biopsy Were were having lunch when the results arrived 12 cores all cancerous at > 99% Immediately started Lupron and after 90 days Radiation Treatment (28 treatments) On Lupron now for almost 3 years PSA at < 0.5 End Lupron Treatment right about now with my last injection
    My doctors thought that the imaging suggested a cancerous lymph node Hence the extended Lupron treatment Ah well we will see in October the way the wind blows But like everybody else Lupron is awful

    1. I know it's disappointing. I've been dealing with this for 21 years. Mine reocurred 9 years after treatment and spent the next 11 years and 9 CT/PET scans, 2 Axmium scans trying to find it. A PSMA scan found 4 lymph nodes infected and had them radiated. My numbers went down a little ten back up after a year. Another PSMA scan found 8 more. Currently on Orgovyx and Xtandi and numbers are <0.01. I'm on the Xtandi as the cells may become resistant to lupron. Just a word of advice. Stay on top of it. Best of luck.

  4. Anniversaries : In was adopted as a child with my biological brother All my birth family including my bro were alcoholics I quit even social drinking for 35 years My bro suicide at 40. So b on anniversary date I have a healthy breakfast then with a 1/4 bottle of gin drink n gin and tonic until the sun goes down It’s VERY therapeutic

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