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What to think about moderate Gleason & low PSA?

I had a turn. Doc called a week later and informed me I had pc. Graded at 3+3 -6. Psa at the time was 2. Had biopsy 2 months later. Came back zero? Completely zero. Doc said let’s wait a bit and do psa screen. He said it will rise. It came in at .7. Waited 6 months. .9. Another six months .8. He said I am “stable”. And test again in six months? Not sure what to make of it but just living my life while I can? Thoughts from y’all??

Community Answers
  • ninaw moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi @fishon, thanks for reaching out with this! Sharing a few comments from our Facebook community:

    “My hubby was 3.5 psa at highest… they wanted to watch. They said G6 after prostatectomy we got lab results. High volume cancer with 60% of prostate full of cancer. On that note his physical notes a …. very small normal feeling prostate…”

    “I think its crazy – mine was .25 reading but full blown!”

    “Mine was 3+3 at biopsy 4.7 psa at 44 years old. I had it removed final Gleason was 3+4 and it had grown but still contained in the six weeks between biopsy and surgery. My advice is get it out!!!”

    “Myself just make the best of each day an thank God for it . An keep believing that whatever the out come it all will be well ((;”

    “Just keep getting checked. Stay on top of it!!”

    It sounds like you’ve gone back and forth with your results – at first indicating that there is a problem, and then apparently nothing at all. One test you didn’t mention that some folks have opted for is an MRI guided biopsy, which makes sure you’re getting core samples from the area of concern. More on it here:

    Wishing you luck and I hope you’ll let us know how things go! – Nina, Team

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