Trusting in God

Went in to see my Dr. for blood pressure pills. My Dr. wasn't in that day so I seen a different Dr. He looked at my chart and seen my PSA level has been elevated for awhile. He said he wanted me to see a urologist. So went and seen him did an exam and said my prostate was enlarged. He gave me a couple of options. We could watch it or have a biopsy done. I didn't hesitate wanted to know for sure. Few days later got a call from my urologist and he said they found some cancer in the prostate.

First, the fear

First emotion that hit me was fear. It was like I was lost for words. I am a Christian and I knew where this fear was coming from. The enemy was attacking my mind with negative thoughts. You can imagine my life is over; he was telling me it has spread, it's too late. After I had time to process it all, I knew my God was bigger than my cancer. I started praying and believing for God to heal me. The Bible says by Jesus' stripes we are healed. I knew Jesus paid for my healing on the cross.

Praying for good healing

By faith I started applying God's word to my situation. The Bible says if you have faith as a mustard seed this mountain shall be removed. The Bible also says whatever you pray, believe you received it and it shall be yours. I started thanking God for my healing in advance. The Bible says nothing is impossible with God. So knowing all this and trusting God.

My wife and I went and saw what treatment was available. My Dr. said I had stage 2 cancer and recommended I have my prostate removed. It was at the base of my prostate. Had robotic surgery and had it removed. Got the pathology report back and no cancer in the lymph nodes. Had blood work done and seen my Dr for follow up. My blood was good, it was undetectable.

Thanking God and caregivers

I praise God it was contained and they got it all. I just want to encourage all that go through this. Look to Jesus. He was with me every step of the way. He says in his word he will never leave you or forsake you. Just want people to know God uses doctors to heal us also. I give God all the praise and Glory for bringing me through it all. He will give you peace and comfort if you lean on him. I encourage you to put your faith and trust in Jesus today.

I want to also thank my beautiful wife Linda. For being with me and supporting me through this journey we both shared together. I thank her with all my heart. Love you honey! πŸ˜ƒ

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