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While I can’t add any additional treatment suggestions to Nina’s reply, during my journey I found it very helpful belonging to a support group with men who had a wide variety of experiences and treatments. I found my group through a cancer resource center at a local hospital. If there’s a support group in your area, it might be a good resource for…

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The prospect of radiation therapy and hormone treatment strike me as barbaric. I’m currently treating my prostate cancer with numerous supplements, including AHCC, apigenin, artemisinin, curcumin, ginger, cayenne, boswellia, and others. Frankly, I feel fine and am urinating and ejaculating fine. What is your own experience with these supplements?

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Jim, I’ve been heavily involved in CAM since 1986 when I became president of Lactaid and 4 years later developed Beano. Both are Godsends for many, many people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). (About 10 feet from me right now is the first marketing manager for Beano who I hired in 1989. And in her purse to this day is a bottle of Beano t…

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Well my PSA is now down to 0.16 and I have been approved for additional money to cover my co-pay for one more year of Erleada. So the journey goes on.

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@loann, I’m sorry to hear you’re still dealing with a rising PSA after several treatments. I’m curious what the doctors see as the next step? While I can’t advise on your husband’s specific situation, I will share some thought on medications we’ve heard about:

Many community members being on combinations of hormone therapies. There are many…

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@Tmundo, know you’re not the only one dealing with isolation as a result of all the side effects and treatments. While I will share some articles with you from folks who’ve found largely optimistic outlooks, it’s important to also acknowledge that these authors have also had (sometimes long) periods of depression and anxiety. I’m sharing this link…

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@eimmas25, thanks for reaching out about this, and I think it’s the first time we’ve heard about it. You might want to ask a Q&A here: so that more people see the question. We’ll also post it on Facebook in the hopes of getting more answers. If you’ve tried it or heard anything, let us know! – Nina,…

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@amslim, I hope you’ll let us know what happens. I think some docs like to do it to ensure there are no overlooked areas, but hopefully they’ll be straightforward with you about what they’re seeing and you can decide from there. – Nina, Team

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My husband had surgery 2 years ago followed by radiation with 1 hormone shot before radiation. His PSA continues to rise an d the oncologist seem to be waiting for it to get up to 1.0 right now it is 0.789 and has increased every three months since surgery. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Anyone having brain fog, can’t remember simple things? I had proton therapy and Fermagon injections in 2017 and January 2018.