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Compared to what women go through for a pelvic exam plus putting up with a host of cold metal instruments, the male DRE is simple.And this one finger test can typically be done in a minute or so.

Deep down guys just do not want to be put in a position where the feel exposed or embarrassed. Combine all of this with all of the talk that…

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Hello kenneth1955,

Thank you so much for responding and the positive feedback. I agree with everything you have said. It is up to the individual to decide what treatment they want and when.

And your right; you should never give in or give up. I have saw where some wives leave their husbands after a diagnosis. I don’t even know what to say.…

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Thank you for having the courage to share your condition and feelings, @brain2. There’s a lot of hope in the replies of the other moderators, all of whom have had a personal experience with prostate cancer, who have responded to your post. Please continue to share your journey with us. As has been already written, you’re not alone.

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Hello Diane

I read what you wrote and I had to read it a few times because it is not so cut and dry. Sex is everywhere and we have to deal with it the way we want. I would not let my kids watch somethings until they got older and my grand kids are the same.

I do believe in focus on yourself and do not let a doctor force you into any…

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Update – Urination continues to improve, albeit slowly. A few days ago, I had some instances where urge was very strong and did not “give a lot of notice”. Another thing that I have noticed is that when my bowels are full and close to needing to have a bowel movement the increased size of the prostate (due to the swelling from the FLA) means the r…

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Hi @brain2 … Congratulations on your post and welcome to the power of sharing on prostate

A fact to remember about prostate cancer – it does not care how you feel today or how well or poorly educated you are. It does not care about you social status or how much money you have in the bank. This disease impacts the famous and not s…

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One of the issues with prostate cancer is the fact that it exhibits few to no symptoms in its early stages. As the disease makes progress it becomes more difficult to treat or cure. Natural supplements have been around for a long time and many have great faith in such approaches. Personally I was taking several supplements prior to moving in a…

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Hi tome. I wanted to share with you this response from our contributor Len to a posting of your story on our Facebook page:

“Tome, I am stunned that your PSA went from a 2.5 to a 17 over any period of time before a biopsy was done. That is insane. (Mine went from 0.6 to a 1.0 in a year and then 2.0 in 6 months and a 2.7 six months after that.…

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I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your response. Seeing the words, “ you are not alone” brings me to tears and gives me comfort!

Fortunately I had my surgery just before being laid off from my 20+ year job. Wow what a roller coaster it has been for me! I keep it all to myself and feel like I’m going to implode. I don’t share any of…

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Hi loann … Having been through 6 months of hormone therapy I certainly understand that it is not easy to deal with the side effects. In addition to physical challenges like hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain the treatment made a significant impact on my emotional wellbeing and outlook .

While i can be a sensitive guy when it comes…