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I have a few friends who have had prostate cancer and most of my closest friends are 70+. We are an irreverent bunch, which means humor is a constant in our conversations. Laughing at ourselves and our variations conditions is one way we maintain our sanity. Our Saturday morning coffee meetings are not for the faint of heart or the thin skinned.…

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Thanks for your story @bajk49. We share many similarities in our journeys. It’s 10 months since my surgery, which I had when I was 69. My PSA scores indicate no cancer. I don’t have full bladder control, but getting there. My ED is showing signs of improvement. I’ve accepted the whole range of outcomes possible. I just have to remain patient and…

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Hi @erin-glace, Thanks for the concise, easy to follow description of getting started with kegels. I appreciate your recommendation to see a pelvic floor specialist at some point if frustration sets in about progress toward eliminating incontinence. I reached a point when I felt like I had plateaued. I started seeing a specialist and it has made a…

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Thank you for sharing @Lcole. That’s great you stayed on top of your PSA. Knowing your father had PC must have made you more aware of your potential for getting it too. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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My father had prostate cancer his was caught late he lost a kidney and a spot on his back so when my PSA was rising it wasn’t very high but due to family history they decided to biopsy came back Gleason 9 and most of prostate had surgery 2 years ago

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Scared, sad, depressed. Just saw results of 14-core biopsy. Two cores have Gleason Score 7 and two of Score 6. Appt on Monday to discuss RP. I am only 59. My life will be horribly changed forever