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What questions would you ask the urologist?

What questions should you ask the urologist when first diagnosed and before and after treatment? Do you have any questions you've never had answered and would like to ask? Share them below!

  1. Is fatigue and exhaustion a side effect following beam radiation for prostate cancer? Can the patient eventually recover (fatigue/exhaustion) to the state he was in before getting prostate cancer?

    1. Thanks for this question submission, , we'll be sure to add it to the list. Sharing this article in the meantime on some tips for fatigue: I can't speak to whether it's connected, but I know we've heard of folks with various treatments having fatigue and looking for solutions.

      Nina, Team
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    2. Hi brucekennedy. Know that you are not alone in struggling with fatigue from radiation treatments and many in the community talk of overcoming it. This Web site from the National Cancer Institute at NIH discusses fatigue and cancer treatments noting "Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biologic therapy can cause fatigue in cancer patients. Fatigue is also a common symptom of some types of cancer:" This page also includes tips for countering fatigue, many mirror the article Nina directed you to. Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. I have completed 41 proton therapy treatments. No fatigue at all. I am playing golf 3-4 times a week following my treatments.

    1. Thanks for your comment , glad you've not experienced fatigue with your treatment! We have a lot of very active advocates, and that regular exercise and socializing is very important.

      - Nina, Team
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