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Mental Check Movember

Last updated: November 2021

Movember is back! This year, we are taking time to highlight the importance of mental health and getting support when dealing with prostate cancer.

As part of Mental Check Movember, we asked our advocates why it is important to speak up about mental health and what they would tell others. See what they said below, along with details on how you can participate this month or find support.

What advocates shared about mental health

Facing dark days...

"You will have some very dark days from time to time. When you do, the single most important thing is to seek help. Doing so is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness!"
Tony Collier, living with advanced prostate cancer

Fearing recurrence...

"My healthcare team never warned me about the possible emotional and mental side effects of my cancer diagnosis. It wasn't until a few years after treatment that I developed a fear of recurrence, especially during follow-up testing. Even though I didn't recognize it at the time, I needed emotional support from the moment of diagnosis."
Gogs Gagnon, diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer at age of 57

Wishing doctors would do more...

"The psychological impacts are often ignored by physicians who are looking almost exclusively at treating the cancer ... mental health should be addressed at the same level as treating prostate cancer."
Dennis Golden, treated for prostate cancer twice

Moving forward...

"Mental health is 1 leg of a 3-legged stool supported by physical and spiritual health. My belief is that spiritual health is the foundation for mental health, and each of the legs of life enabled me to successfully move forward and not get stuck in the malaise of medical decisions or life choices."
Bob Tierno, diagnosed with T2C prostate cancer and underwent DaVinci Robotic Surgery

"Good mental health makes it easier to focus on what can be or needs to be done. Poor mental health creates 2 problems to deal with."
Guy Meredith, had radiation and ADT treatments for prostate cancer

Finding positive experiences...

"A very positive experience for me and others with prostate cancer are the Reel Recovery fly fishing retreats."
Frederick Thurber, diagnosed with stage IIIC prostate cancer

Speaking up

Movember is all about empowering men to speak up and create their own movements for awareness. Still, some people with prostate cancer struggle to seek support, whether it is because of feeling reluctant to show emotion or simply not knowing where to turn.

Connect with others

No matter what position you are in, you are not alone. Connect with others in our Forums section, where people with prostate cancer, survivors, and caregivers can share experiences with each other. You can also find resources for emotional support, whether they be support groups, mental health professionals, or friends and family.

Stay tuned as we highlight stories throughout the month on mental health and prostate cancer.

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