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Survivors' Guide to Surgery

Despite new treatment options, surgery remains a common option for prostate cancer treatment. We're digging into the experiences of folks who've had surgery. Keep reading to find out how to connect and hear from others who've been there:

Treatment decisions

Deciding how to treat your prostate cancer is one of the first really stressful parts of the process.

Weigh in on the pros and cons

Recovery process: urinary symptoms

There's a lot of aspects to recovery, but two of the biggest challenges tend to be urinary and sexual. Join the conversation about urinary symptoms:

Weigh in on frequent urination

Recovery process: sexual health

Erectile dysfunction makes a major difference in your sense of self after treatment. Join the conversation about sexual health:
Weigh in on the sexual health forum

Positive approaches

Not everyone can feel positive following surgery with the potential side effects they're experiencing. For some, however, a positive attitude is crucial.

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